Creating a 2-D array/grid as domain

I’m planning to create a simple agent-based model using a 2-dimensional grid, with the grid then being populated with one of 2 different (discrete) types of agent or left empty.

Is there a way of doing this in BioDynaMo that has been done already?

(My plan is to try to implement the Schelling model in BioDynaMo Schelling's Model of Segregation)


Sorry for the late reply!
Look at the file ST08-histograms.pdf in the supplementary information of the BioDynaMo paper [1]. Although this tutorial demonstrates how to plot histograms, it also shows how to create a 2D plane of agents.
File ST01-model-initializer.pdf shows multiple ways of how to place agents in 3D space.
You can find the source files for these web-based notebooks in the BioDynaMo repository [2].


[1] Supporting information for "BioDynaMo: a modular platform for high-performance agent-based simulation" | Zenodo
[2] biodynamo/notebook at master · BioDynaMo/biodynamo · GitHub

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your help - I will review these and give them a try.