Exponential growth using growthdivide behaviour

Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to pass on the growthdivide behaviour to both daughter cells in order to create exponential growth. In my model currently it is only passing to one of cells post division so am only experiencing linear expansion.


Hi Sarah,

By default behaviors [1] are not copied to new agents, but you can change that easily by calling AlwaysCopyToNew().

auto* gd_behavior = new GrowthDivision();

Whenever my_agent creates another agent (e.g. through cell division) a copy of gd_behavior will be added to the new agent.

If you want that a behavior is only copied for a specific event (and not for others), have a look at the function CopyToNewIf.


PS The same principles apply for removing a behavior from an agent (AlwaysRemoveFromExisting, RemoveFromExistingIf)

[1] BioDynaMo: bdm::Behavior Class Reference