Some inquiries, improvements and suggestions about NeuriteElement

dear BioDynaMo team,
I have a few questions regarding how NeuriteElements work and whether their use could be further extended towards simulating tubular structures (vessels, etc).

  1. It is not entirely clear to me how force is transmitted along NeuriteElements from a NeuronSoma agent. I run a toy simulation containing a soma with a single branch of neurite elements, and several other agents: motile cells. The behaviour of the neurites (displacement) was rather oscillatory unless I set the “adhesion” parameter a very high value (i.e., 10e+3).
  2. Following up from the above, Agent (cells) – NeuriteElement mechanical interaction is not clear also to me.
  3. Is it possible to search for a NeuriteElement without necessarily iterating over all GetDaughters’s instead? Similarly, is it feasible to search for a NeuriteElement that is a branch / bifurcation?
  4. The concept of NeuriteElement currently permits branching of an existing sprout, or the bifurcation. However, I was wondering if it could support the notion of anastomosis, i.e. a tip NeuriteElement intersects an existing NeuriteElement sprout to create a new branch. If not currently supported, is it possible BioDynaMo feature it?
  5. Would it be possible also for BioDynaMo permit in the near future the creation of NeuriteElements without necessarily initializing them from a NeuronSoma? It would be particularly useful modelling prospectively blood-vessel dynamics (outgrowth, remodelling, etc.).
  6. Last but not least, I was also wondering if the naming of some classes could generalize, as it’s been adopted for Cell → Agent already :wink: So, could I propose having in the next major update a NeuronElement be renamed into something like Vessel?
    Look very much for your comments, and apologies for the very long-winded message.